The Myxer Ringtone app for Windows

The Myxer Ringtone app features Free Ringtones from Myxer, the leader in mobile entertainment! Now you can download and easily install free ringtones on your Windows phone.
• Search for just the right ringtone from the Myxer catalog.
• Want more? Browse and download from Myxer's vast ringtone catalog of the best music, comedy and more.
• Select from some of Myxer's favorite ringtones, already pre-loaded in the app.
• Still want more? The Myxer Ringtone "pick of the day" live tile presents you with a new free ringtone every day, right from your phone’s home screen. The Myxer ringtones app for Windows Phone 7 Mango makes it easy to find new ringtones and select and set ringtones on your windows phone. Ring on!

Newly added features :
• You can now download premium ringtones purchased on
• Create custom ringtones from music on your computer.
• Ringtone previews are now at a louder volume. • Several app design improvements.
App details

Publisher : Myxer Inc.
Age rating : Not Rated
Approximate size : 4.88 MB
Category : Music
Supported operating systems
Windows 10 Mobile
Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone 8
Supported processors : neutral
Supported languages : English (United States)

Use an anonymous Microsoft account
Use the photos in your media library
Use the media items that are currently playing
Use your device network services