Awesome Ringtone Maker App: Tech News

Have you ever been in a store or public place and someone's phone rings and everyone thinks it is theirs?

Most smartphone users have standard ringtones of bells, whistles, horns and glass breaking.

Several mobile apps will customize ringtones using your favorite songs.

Ringtone Maker is a free app for iOS and Android.

First users choose from their library of songs that are downloaded onto the phone. The app then allows the user to choose a section of the song to be used as the ringtone.

Ringtones can be as long as :30, but it is best to select a clip of :10 or less.

Once the song is chosen and edited to the exact length or a favorite guitar riff, piano keys or vocals, the app creates the ringtone as an m4r file which is used by smartphones for tones.

Email the tone to yourself and on a computer, drag the file to the "tones" section of your iTunes library.

The tone will show up the next time you sync your phone.